1. What should I be worried about? #notthatkindofgirl

  2. Ginger Girls bringing peace to the world #gingergirls

  3. My movie “Little Fishes” is going on the road. Where do you want to see it? #littlefishesthemovie #indiefilm

  4. Giving up is simply not an option #creativelife #indiefilm

  5. Want to know more about me? Ask

  6. I am looking for women with natural red hair to be in my documentary and photo book. Do you have a ginger friend? http://thndr.it/1rE6Vj3

  7. Got to paint on a bag at the Intel booth at #makerfaire #creativelife

  8. Be Curious, Not judgemental. - Walt Whitman - this helps with learning and growth. Listen up. #creativelife #growth #entrepreneur

  9. I want to feel playful everyday #creativelife #indiefilm


  10. goodcrowdinfo:

    Independent filmmaker Alexia Anastasio teaches other filmmakers how to raise money using crowdfunding.

    Alexia will join me for a live discussion on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at noon Eastern. She’ll share some of her insights for crowdfunding. Tune in here to watch the interview live!