1. Clear communication is good. You should try it sometime. - Alexia Anastasio

  2. Finally came in the mail. Yay!

  3. Life’s about celebrating YOU! I can’t wait to attend the world’s 1st beauty tour for redheads! #RockitlikeaRedhead http://thndr.it/XvhvuM

  4. I have to have the world’s best.

  5. I’m a girl who likes fancy macaroni and cheese.

  6. Did I mention that I was dork. #notthatkindofgirl

  7. Lena Dunham and Alexia Anastasio in a hug. So much bliss.

  8. What should I be worried about? #notthatkindofgirl

  9. Ginger Girls bringing peace to the world #gingergirls

  10. My movie “Little Fishes” is going on the road. Where do you want to see it? #littlefishesthemovie #indiefilm