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  2. Decorated my computer with #stickers

  3. Bschool Meetup Goodness with @thesophiachang @danettejoywalker @theholisticnurse

  4. Mint is definitely in my plant totem. Enjoying a Virgin Mojito on Taco Tuesday #tacotuesday

  5. Sneak Preview for Sequel to Little Fishes #littlefishesthemovie

  6. Living the Coyote Life might have be the name of my first rap album

  7. I saw it and it is real! #proof

  8. Asking the Audience: Getting my hair cut this week. Taking suggestions.

  9. Just backed my first project on Seed and Spark

  10. maihudson:

    Yoko Ono, Cut Piece, 1964. 

    click the image to watch the performance.


    "This piece was performed in Kyoto, Tokyo, New York and
    London. It is usually performed by Yoko Ono coming on the
    stage and in a sitting position, placing a pair of scissors in
    front of her and asking the audience to come up on the
    stage, one by one, and cut a portion of her clothing (anywhere
    they like) and take it. The performer, however, does not
    have to be a woman.”

    “Cut Piece is about freeing yourself from yourself…”